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Royalstone is a one-stop center for stone tops. We supply stone slabs from all over the World and we only work with the best quality marble, granite and quartz materials.


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Choosing Stone

When choosing your stone, some things to consider are:

The feel you are looking for:
Our Quartz range so durable and versitile from a natural feel to a colour burst of chic and modern design
Granite benchtops can give that cool, luxurious style;
Marble benchtops are great to give a warm and cozy ambience to your home, bathroom and kitchen.
Kitchen benchtops usually require sturdy, non porous material such as reconstituted stone and granite that can take a lot of heavy wear, hot pots, etc. Bath vanities, table tops, fireplace mantles, etc. can be a variety of materials including marble, travatine, onyx and slate as well as flooring, tub, shower and jacuzzi surrounds .
grey.jpg - largeQuartz benchtops have a more luxurious aesthetic, offering the look of natural stone without any of the drawback associated with natural stone such as scratches, stains etc. The end result of a quartz benchtop surface is harder and more durable than natural and is completely nonporous, so unlike marble and granite, quartz benchtops do not require sealing and are highly resistent to permanant staining from spills such as coffee and red wine etc. Best of all reliable colour consistency stronger, hygenic and virtually maintenance free.
Natural  Marble & Granite  is unique and a product of distinction, thats the beauty of the stone. Maintenance and care is required to keep the beauty, overall the natural stone is elegance and can be used for all surfaces, kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, stairs, fireplaces, walls and floors and feature pieces. Given the work of mother nature, the stone has natural veining, we always manufacture from the same slab of stone to maxamise consistency in the finished product.
There are thousands of colors and variations within color groups to choose from. We have a great selection of material in stock for you to see and hundreds of samples to pick from. Whatever your color scheme, we will be able to help you.

We can guide through your project for the best material choice

Once you have chosen and sighted your material, picked your color and decided on your edge finish, we will give you an estimate for your project. You may be pleasantly surprised at our competitive prices. Beautiful stone for your project may be less expensive than other products you may have seen.
Once you are happy with your choices and the estimate, you will be assigned your chosen slabs/tiles with your signature and deposit. At this time you will be given a measurment and installation date.

Templating your Project

This process involves providing for extra details such as inside and outside radiuses, backsplash heights, edgings and overall finished look of your tops. Our expert craftsmen measure in your home to make sure everything will fit perfectly. The home owner or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) must be present during the entire template process. This person will have to answer questions in regards to seaming, corner radius, overhangs and ?special designs? on island, etc; therefore it is recommend that this person is familiar with the project.
The templating process also includes the following measurements:

Sink mounting

The sink is required to be on site at the time of templating. This is necessary so that the sink can be compared to the sink cabinet.

Cut outs

Large cook top cut outs and drop in sink cut outs are often started in the shop and finished on the job site. This is done to protect the piece during transportation. The final cut is done at site.


Faucet holes

We include this as part of the sink layout. This includes the faucets, sprayers, hot/cold, and soap dispensers. We ask that you be available to let us know the spacing and location.


Most large kitchens require at least one seam. Large kitchens present challenges for granite fabrication. The seal location is determined by the size of the stone slab and the cut outs. The seam is not invisible but is considered non-objectionable. The two pieces of stone are leveled, then the seam is filled with a two part color epoxy. The seaming of swirly/wavy stones is a challenge, in that we try to match the grain and colors of the two pieces as close as possible. It has to be realized that the stone is a natural product, and it does not have a manufactured repeat pattern similar to wallpaper. We will try to consult the customer regarding seam location. However, final seam location is at the discretion of Stone Design. Several factors enter into determining a seam location, such as slab size, type of stone, kitchen layout, and cutouts. We try not to seam over a dishwasher,  or a near sink.


Most often walls are not even, and since the stone is not flexible, there can often be a gap between the stone and the wall. In these circumstances,  our skilled stonemason will fill the gap to ensure a perfect fit.
Royalstone provides a 10 year on material and a 5  warranty on fabrication and installation of your benchtop, we do not cover damages caused by customer (i.e such as sitting on benchtop)
We look forward to working with you to provide you with a beautiful stone installation.