Picking the right Stone for your Project (Residential or Commercial)


Picking the right Stone for your Project (Residential or Commercial)

Are you thinking of finding the perfect stone ware for your residential home? Or are you looking for the right construction provider and installer for your commercial project? No matter what the scale of your project is whether big or small, Royal Stone has a huge collection of natural and quartz stone to choose from.

We’re the most trustworthy and experience stone provider and installer in New South Wales and have helped many homes and corporations bring to life their design concepts, with high quality and competitively priced Stone products. And while there are so many factors that go into choosing the right stone before you pick out a supplier, some of them include (but not limited to):

  • Budget: this most important thing while figuring out the right stone for you is how much you’re willing to spend on a piece of stone or rock. Your budget will ultimately decide whether you can afford the stone of your choice.
  • Natural or Quartz: speaking from the point above, you will have to choose whether you want to go have a natural stone installed or an engineered one like Quartz stone, Silestone etc.
  • Spaces: a no brainer – but choosing what spaces you want to have the choice of your stone installed is important to decide. Whether you need a stone benchtop or backsplash for the kitchen, on your vanity top or bathroom counter. Deciding on the spaces you’re looking to remodel or have stone installed will give you a better picture on how many to order.
  • Durability: some natural stones may look stunning and can be the perfect statement in any house or organisation, but that doesn’t mean they will last you a long time or be durable in the long run.
  • Aesthetics: when it comes to choosing a stone, it is important to find the one that fits your aesthetic vision. Quartz stone have a huge list of colour schemes and designs to choose from.

If you haven’t taken these factors into account, it is a good idea to dial back and rethink the plan, because it always better to work back when decisions haven’t been finalised.

That said, deciding the perfect stone to go with can be overwhelming when you are presented with a whole array of choices to choose from, with all of them looking beautiful and unique in their own way, and sometimes you need professional advice. Here is where we step in!

As a family run business that has been living, breathing, sourcing, fabricating and installing stones for more than 14 years, Sydney home owners and commercial places have seen many successful projects brought to fruition and yours can be next. We understand how hard it can be to have a precise and smooth delivery, which is why Royal Stone is partnered with many kitchen providers and builders so that there are less communication gaps and delay in completing renovations.

Similarly, when working on commercial projects there is a possibility of underestimating or overestimating factors including environmental impact, manpower and labour costs, traffic insight and usage. And while it can seem overwhelming making sure there are no lose ends, Royal Stone suggests to reach us out earlier in the working of the plan so that these loopholes can be figured out and taken care of.

For a precise and smooth delivery, the earlier the engagement the better design expertise and value we can bring to your project, and make sure that the master schedule is followed to the last task. Our team is fully versed in the ways of stone bench tops and finding the best fit for the places you’re planning to renovate. Whatever question or query you have while choosing a stone we can guide you on every step of the way.

Similarly, when it comes to pricing, no project is too big or too small for Royal Stone to deliver on. Many residential complexes, offices, retail outlets and more have been decked out with the most beautiful and market competitively sourced natural and Quartz stone varieties. We’re open to flexible plans and your best chance on getting started with us is by reaching out to us for a quick quote.

Like we’ve been going on, the best way for your project to get started is involving us in the initial planning stages where we can bring more than a decade’s worth of experience in this field and make sure that the purchase order goes in without a hitch. Now is the right time to mention the installation process which will be handled with the utmost professionalism and sealing every corner of the stone ware that is being handled.

We understand thoroughly how certain stone respond to environmental factors along with any wear and tear it can receive with constant usage. Using the right sealants, products that don’t have harsh chemicals and other materials that will ensure that the life of these stones extends for decades to come. Royal Stone will ensure a seamless purchase experience and a timely installation of the stone products chosen by you, so that your dream kitchen or quarterly goals translate into reality.

But if you still have the question going in your mind “Why choose Royal stone?” then let us tell you that you won’t find another team half as intuitive, attentive and professional to the needs and demands of your project. We’re a family owned business and have brought our attention to detail along with the passion to outperform to every single project we have undertaken in Sydney.

We’re the preferred fabricator and installer of many leading brands of stone including Caesar stone, Quantum Quartz, Stone Italiana and more, and we have got what it takes to bring your concept to life. Our long list of completed homes and offices are a testimony, and if you want to be next, get in touch with us today to smooth all the creases in your plan and figure out a smooth sailing roadmap.

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