Top Factors that Affect the Price of a Granite Benchtop


Top Factors that Affect the Price of a Granite Benchtop

Being one of the most widely used materials in the kitchen, granite brings along a sense of stylishness and luxuriousness to the kitchen space. Irrespective of the type of kitchen, granite as a benchtop can be used anywhere, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

However, homeowners are often sceptical about the price of granite slabs since they are slightly pricier than engineered stone. So, what affects the price of a granite benchtop? 

In this article, we have covered the top factors that affect the price of these slabs. 

Size and Thickness of the Slab 

One of the major factors that affect the overall cost of the granite benchtop slab is the size and thickness. The larger the slab, the pricier it will get. The same is the case with thickness. 

If you prefer a thick slab for your kitchen, get ready to spend more money. There are multiple benefits that thick slabs bring along with them, durability being one of them. 

Only an expert granite supplier and installer can talk about the size and thickness that’ll be perfect in your kitchen. 

Grade of the Material 

Granite slabs come in multiple grades, and each grade has a different price. Slabs of higher grade are expensive because of the quality and special treatments they go through. Also, granite of higher grade is more durable and boasts the natural properties of marble.

Below we have explained different types of grades and the factors that contribute to their price. 

  • Entry-level Grade 

Some people even call it low-grade granite, but that does not mean it is of cheap quality. Usually used in commercial buildings, this granite is sourced from China and has a decent patina. Unfortunately, though, the durability is not that good because of the low price.

  • Mid-level Grade 

The mid-level grade granite is more durable than the entry-level slabs and has a more natural finish. Imported from India and Brazil, these slabs look amazing and come at a reasonable price. 

  • High-Grade Granite 

This is the finest quality of granite that is perfect for use as benchtops in kitchens. Sourced from locations in Brazil and India, these granite slabs have an ultimate patina and are highly durable as well.

You will find mid-level grade granite at some stone stores in Punchbowl. However, the price of these slabs is on the higher side because of the beautiful look and unmatchable durability.


The price of granite also depends on its availability since this is a natural stone and is not available in abundance. Another thing that affects the cost is sourcing. Suppose the slab you want is available hundreds of kilometres away from your location.

You have to pay more carriage charge to get it delivered. Also, if the stone supplier that you contact says they need to source the particular slab, it will cost you more due to the logistical charges.

The Pattern and Colour 

The pattern and the colour of the granite slab also affect the price. There are some colours that are found rarely and are not available across the globe. Moreover, there are some intricate patterns as well. 

You need to check out the different patterns and colours available with the stone supplier and installer you are dealing with. 

The Installation Cost 

The cost of the installation of a granite benchtop depends on the quality of material and the pattern you have opted for. If you choose high-grade granite, the company will invest more time in finishing it. Also, it will need more labour charges due to the extra weight. Cutting some intricate patterns requires a lot of care, which also adds up to the total cost.

Are Granite Benchtops Worth It?

Yes, granite benchtops are totally worth it since these marble slabs can easily last for many years. The material is rugged and can withstand the test of time. Also, granite requires less care, and you can keep the slab squeaky clean with minimum maintenance

Just make sure you choose the right granite benchtop supplier and installer in Punchbowl, NSW, that has a wide range of patterns and colours to choose from. 

Final Thoughts 

These are some significant factors that contribute to the overall cost of getting a granite benchtop installed in your kitchen. There is no substitute for granite, and the natural stone is perfect for any type of kitchen, irrespective of the size.

At Royal Stone, we are one of the best granite benchtop suppliers. We source these slabs from the best sites around the globe. Click on the Contact Us button, or you can check out our slab collection for more information.


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