Unrivalled History


Unrivalled History

Have you been looking for a stone bench top supplier and installer for your commercial or residential projects? Or having a hard time finding a team that are passionate about all things stone and will deliver all your requirements? You don’t need to look further than Royal Stone, as we’re one of the leading companies with an unrivalled history of providing excellence and quality stone bench tops.

As a family owned business, we’ve been providing commercial and residential building with the finest natural and quantum quartz stone bench tops, for more than 14 years. Our huge stock of stone bench tops are a testament to our expertise when it comes to stoneware products and services. At Royal Stone we love what we do, that is why our customers get an experience that is unlike any as compared to our competitors.

From providing more than 150 different types of stone bench tops to residential complexes, corporate offices, and retail outlets, we’ve managed to deliver exceptional results on time, and with the utmost professionalism. Whichever stone bench top you need, we will supply it. Our huge inventory of stone slabs can be viewed in person if you are in New South Wales, or you can check them out online on our website.

Whether you’re looking for natural stone bench tops like marble, granite, or other stone variety such as sila stone, Caesar stone, smart stone, cosentino etc, you can view the different textures and colour scheme for each stone in our online gallery. Although natural stones can be expensive and fragile, they still provide a most stunning look to any place, as the swirls and coloured veins – that occur naturally – give them a most unique finish.

Of course, like any rare and exquisite thing that occurs naturally, the maintenance and upkeep for natural stone bench tops can be more time consuming and costly as compared to bench tops that are derived from quantum quartz or are engineered. The durability and price may be high for natural stones but that doesn’t mean you have to go broke trying to bring your dream to reality.
Many engineered or quantum quartz derived stone bench tops give the same look as marble or granite, and are cost effective. They’re durable, are easy to maintain, and give you a range of options to choose from. If you’re looking to install stone slabs in a huge residential complex, engineered stone bench tops will be an excellent choice – one in which Royal Stone can help you well.

When it comes to bigger, commercialised projects, we recommend getting in contact with us during the planning phase. As the sooner you engage, the better quote and timeline for delivery we can provide while meeting your master schedule. Royal Stone is known for it’s excellent and timely delivery of projects, and that we owe not only to our professional and highly skilled team of designers, fabricators, and installers, but our planning as well.
The key to getting your construction done on time depends on how well you’re able to predict and calculate the variables that go into any construction project. From environmental factors, human labour costs, material and method, every single aspect of a project matters. That is why our experience of more than 14 years not only comes in handy, but speaks volumes of our ability to deliver on time without compromising on quality.
We also partner up with kitchen accessories suppliers, independent builders, and contractors to not only speed up the process but also ensure that other businesses get success as well. This arrangement puts us in a unique position as we not only provide the best service when it comes to installation and fabrication, but you can be rest assured that there will be no delays from our side.

Now when it comes to fabrication of stone bench tops, it is the most vital part for any project to make sure that stone slab is properly fabricated with the right sealants and products, so that it lasts for a long time. To avoid stains from spillage or scratches from knives or other sharp objects, we take due notice of such things and you can be rest assured that we will provide all stone bench tops with the perfect fabrication.

Similarly, installation will go by in a breeze and you will be stunned with the end result. We have turned many Pinterest vision boards, mock-ups and mood board into a reality for home owners in Sydney. And when it comes to your project, no matter how big or small, our excellent team of installers and fabricators will deliver nothing short of perfection. You can trust us with your renovation or remodelling projects, as we put our customer’s trust and satisfaction at the core of our business.

Royal Stone is a family owned business (as we mentioned earlier), and for us to have not only survived this long in the industry but become one of the leading businesses when it comes to the provision, supply and installation of stone bench tops. We have ensured that our mission statement keeps our customer’s in mind and our long list of happy and satisfied clients are a testament and a nod to our passion for stoneware products and services.
From sourcing our stone slabs from the finest quarries around the world, and storing a huge of range of stone bench tops to choose from, we’re not only here to provide you a piece of stone so you can be off with it. We’re here to guide you in every step of the way. No matter your question, we’re here to provide you with the right answers.
Contact us today, to find out more details whether you’re working on a commercial or residential project, and how Royal Stone can assist you. If you’re curious to get a quote, you can easily get one from our website, fill in a few details and our team will get back to you shortly.

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