The Marble and Granite Bug


The Marble and Granite Bug

Have you been inspired by the beautiful and chic aesthetic stone bench tops bring to any place? Or have you been confused about what stone bench tops to choose for your kitchen or bathroom? Whether you’re a new home owner or are looking to undertake a re-modelling project, Royal Stone will make sure we execute your vision to perfection.
And what better way, to fulfill it then with natural stone bench tops that can add a bold and beautiful statement to your home. There are many misconceptions people have regarding natural stones such as marble or granite – that they are hard to maintain or upkeep or they can easily break. Not all stones are made of the same durability, but it does matter from whom you are sourcing the stone bench top from, because some suppliers can provide a lower quality marble or granite slabs.

However, with Royal Stone we can ensure that you will get nothing but the best when it comes to providing stone bench tops in New South Wales. We’ve helped many home owners get that glistening, classic kitchen marble counter for their homes, that brings out compliment and awe from family and friends. Of course the initial cost of buying and installing a granite or marble bench top in your kitchen or vanity en-suite will be high, but the benefits you reap from it go a long way in your future.

Marble is derived from softer rocks of dolomite or limestone, which is how each marble slab gets its own unique swirls and colored veins that make them an expensive commodity. It also is soft and porous that can lead to stains from liquids or acidic substances, but that hasn’t stopped prospective owners from getting infatuated with the natural stone bug.

Similarly, Granite is derived from an igneous rock, which is known to be harder than marble and has a crystalline structure. It consists of many darker minerals, quartz and light colored feldspar that creates a glimmering effect for which granite is known for. The course grained texture of granite makes sure that it remains resistant to scratches and spills.

Of course, like marble, granite needs to be sealed as well to ensure that any stains or scratches don’t affect the quality or build of the stone bench top. As it is much denser than marble, you can expect it to last you for a longer time, but then again both are equally beautiful and stunning in their own perspectives.
There are so many design options to choose from, and usually just going to a shop and selecting a sample won’t result in the actual slab turning out to be the same. As, natural stones are mined and cut from quarries around the world including Australia, Zimbabwe, Norway, Spain, Brazil, Italy and more, the cost can increase as with the specimen of granite or marble you choose from.

If care and precautions are taken with both marble and granite, you can easily avoid stains or cracks from appearing on your bench tops. With the proper sealant marble stone tops are known to last for decades, and bring out the look and personality of any room. They are often used as a backsplash, bathroom vanity tops, as a feature wall and more, the same can be said for granite as well. And if you’re looking to find a marble slab that is not only sourced from the finest quarries around the world but looks stunning and unique, then Royal Stone is your answer.

Regardless, for the theme or an aesthetically appealing timeless look you’re going for in your kitchen, bathroom, or any feature wall in your home, choosing marble or granite will definitely add more value to your property if you ever to put it on the market. Many real estate agents suggest adding natural stone bench tops, as such homes get sold faster, so whatever natural stone you choose to go with to have a more beautiful, an eye catching room, you will also be investing in the property value of your home.

Although, the marble and granite bug is infectious enough to make people drop crazy amounts of money for their vision, Royal Stone has always provided competitive pricing to its client no matter how big or small the project is. As a family led business we understand how hard it can be waiting for years to save enough money to be able to invest it back in your dream home. Therefore, at Royal Stone, we believe in the satisfaction and trust of our clients more than anything, and if you choose to go with us, you will be getting the best stone slab along with installation service.

We can go on and on as to how you will benefit from hiring us to provide and install stone bench tops in your home and if you’re looking to see some of our work, it can easily be found on our website. We’ve been in this business for more than a decade and as a family owned business we pride ourselves for helping new home owners or people looking to remodel, bring their visions to life.

If you’ve caught the marble or granite bug, and are wondering what size and dimensions will work for the place you’re planning on renovating, our team consisting of experts can help you figure out every single detail. We’re not only a supplier, but we provide fabrication and the right installation as well that will make sure that the stone bench top lasts you for a long time.

Royal stone provides all the above mentioned services, to residents in Sydney and New South Wales and if you have any pressing question or inquiry, you can easily drop us a message on our website, and our team will get back to you swiftly. Similarly, if you’re looking to get a tentative quote for any project, provide us with some preliminary information and we’ll have it in.

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