The Perfect Benchtop Colour Selection Guide


The Perfect Benchtop Colour Selection Guide

The benchtop is one of the most versatile parts of your kitchen. Not only does it offer plenty of space to prepare meals and place your utensils but helps in redefining the overall appearance of the kitchen.

However, choosing the right benchtop colour can be overwhelming. Available in a wide range of colours, the benchtop slabs can make the style game right for you.

Well, selecting the right colour is no rocket science, and there is a trick to it. Architects and interior designers use an approach to select the desired colours depending on the scheme of the kitchen. 

Read on, and follow these tips to create a cohesive kitchen colour pallet that you adore every day.

Step 1: Think What You Need 

The colour of the benchtop has a significant effect on how you feel inside the kitchen. To be precise, it affects the vibe of your kitchen. The primary deciding factor is how you want to feel when using the kitchen space.

For example, if you want the kitchen to feel airy and light or you need something more dramatic and sophisticated. It would be great to do something that matches the scheme of your home.

If your house has an airy feel, go for benchtop colours that make the kitchen look airy and big.  

Step 2: Select the Right Colour 

Now that you know what you want to feel inside the kitchen, it would be great to select the colour. Usually, there are six popular benchtop colours in Sydney that homeowners love and prefer. 

Get a Traditional Look with White 

If you prefer a simple yet classic appeal, you should consider white coloured benchtops. These slabs may look plain, but they can surely make your kitchen look big and airy. Moreover, you get the freedom to play around as white colour goes well with almost anything, so you can choose vivid colours for the cabinetry.

Furthermore, you can even make the entire kitchen white to make it look light. The best thing about white colour is that it always stays in fashion, so your kitchen always remains in style.

Get a Modern Look with Black 

If you are looking to reward your kitchen with an urban vibe and something dark, you can choose black benchtops. Black can be paired with a range of different colours so you can make a strong impression with your beautiful kitchen.

Moreover, black benchtops have high intensity, and the shiny surface reflects light making the kitchen space look classy. However, black benchtops require some more care and maintenance, which is the only downside of such colours.

Prefer Greys for a Neutral Feel 

Choose grey benchtops if you are looking to have less intensity than black, but want to make the kitchen look clean and crisp. Grey is timeless and looks amazingly great when paired with cupboards and wooden accents. 

In a nutshell, you get a vintage appeal with grey benchtops. 

Make a Statement with Mid-tone Benchtops 

The mid-top benchtops include a range of soft colours, including rich creams and beiges. These soft-flecked benchtops give you the advantage to hide occasional spotts while your kitchen looks squeaky clean, and neat all the time.

Go for such colours if you need a friendly vibe with muted tones. Furthermore, if you have colourful cabinetry of mixed colours, mid-tone benchtops will go perfectly well with them.

Create Some Drama with Dramatic Benchtops 

Those boldly veined stone benchtops can make anyone stop and gaze at your kitchen with widely opened eyes. These benchtop colours give your kitchen more drama than any other colour.

These colours work well with large kitchens. Also, if you want to make a primary statement, you should choose such colours. Lastly, if your kitchen lacks enough visual drama, you can get it with these benchtops.

Step 3: Discuss It with the Slab Supplier 

The last step is getting in touch with a reliable slab supplier and installer in Sydney. Also, it would be great to check the entire slab collection to select some good colours, and then you will have multiple options on your list that you can discuss with the supplier or the interior designer.

Visiting a showroom is essential to check out several textures and select an amazing colour that goes well with your kitchen’s overall décor.

A Quick Summary 

There are multiple benchtop materials available for kitchen benchtops in Sydney, and you need to select the right type of material that’s durable, lasts longer, and fits your budget.

Decide the Colour and Finish 

First, look at the finishes options available, including polished, concrete, rough concrete, natural and more. Each finish offers multiple beautiful designs and helps you attain the look you want.

After you are done selecting the finish, choose the colours accordingly. 

Make Your Budget 

The price of the benchtop depends on its finish, colour, and type. So, get in touch with the benchtop supplier and tell them about your preferences to get a detailed quote. 

Know about every price, including the cost of installation, so you are aware of every dollar you’ll be paying for the benchtop.

Final Thoughts 

Now you have every detail required to select the best benchtop colour in Sydney. Always go for reputable benchtop suppliers and installers like Royal Stone. We offer a wide range of colours and have an amazing slab collection that you can check out any time.

Moreover, our experts can help you select the most suitable colour for your kitchen if you are sceptical about choosing one.

Click on the Contact Us button to get a quote or view our slab collection to check out the colour options available in our store.

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