Trust and Experience in every Renovation (Operating in Sydney for Over 14 Years)


Trust and Experience in every Renovation (Operating in Sydney for Over 14 Years)

There is something precious and exciting about planning and executing a renovation for your home that you’ve been dreaming about for years. It can be one of the biggest milestones for homeowners when they get to personalise their house according to their vision board. That is why you can’t just trust it with anyone.

Even though there is a lot you need to think about, if you’ve been saving for years about having a marble kitchen benchtop with a customised backsplash to wake up to, or a bathroom ensuite that just brings joy: you shouldn’t settle for a second best or average. It is important that in order to get your dream remodelling turned into reality, you find a stone benchtop supplier that provides and installs the design of your dream because renovations are not a simple process!

There is a lot of planning and budgeting that goes into making a foolproof renovation and most often than not many people get caught up with the wrong contractors or suppliers who can’t provide what they’re looking for. Some just don’t have the experience on how to execute a plan.

That is why you need to trust the most experienced company when it comes to providing beautiful, durable, competitively priced stone samples for you to choose your dream benchtop or vanity top. Now if you’re looking for a company that not only understands your vision but can help you transform it too, then look no further than Royal Stone.

Royal Stone has redesigned many kitchens of homeowners residing in Sydney that have drawn the admiration and envy of many of their close friends and families, and we sure are not stopping any time soon. As one of the leading companies when it comes to provisioning and installing stone products for over 14 years, we have established ourselves as the most trusted and professional company among homeowners located in NSW.
We’ve made sure that every single residential or a commercial project that we overtake is handled with the utmost professionalism and delivered on time, no matter how big or small the renovation plan is. Whatever sort of stone you need, we got it and it’ll be installed with the best team you’ll find anywhere in Australia.

At Royal Stone, we have a variety of stone benchtops ranging from natural and quartz stone, and some of them are:

And the list can go on and on.

When choosing the best stone benchtop for your home it is important to factor in things like budget, space, durability, design and you’re aesthetic. Although some stones are more expensive than others like marble and granite, however, their beauty and finish are timeless. They can complete the entire look of any kitchen and last you for a very long time if the proper care and maintenance are observed.

Getting a stone benchtop is always a great idea for a countertop or even the splashback in your kitchen, as it can create nice accents in the room and you won’t have to spend thousands on hiring an interior designer to add character and personality to your space. But that said, it doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t have the same stone product installed.

Using stoneware as vanity countertops or as a feature wall can spruce up even the most used or most simple rooms that don’t get the same attention. Oftentimes, people forget to include bathrooms, vanity ensuites or even feature walls and fireplaces to include when they’re planning a remodelling. Similarly, most think that adding stone can make the place look tacky or too sombre.

Both ideas are wrong, as choosing the right stone can add durability and longevity to your house and you won’t have to spend thousands on maintenance each year. Nor will you need to change up certain sections in your house after every 5 or 10 years. Renovations are all fun and exciting but they sure can be a pain if you keep on bringing out the builder or DIY-er within you.

But with Royal Stone, you can be rest assured that we will provide you with high-quality stone that will prove its bucks worth and our team will install it with the necessary sealing agents to ensure that any spillage, impacts or scratches can be avoided. From supplying stone to fabricating it with the right protective agents and installation, we’ve got all prospective homes in New South Wales covered.

What is more, we have a long list of partnerships with builders and kitchen suppliers, to ensure that there are no roadblocks or hiccups from our end when it comes to turning your home vision into a reality. And we’re always open to forming new partnerships with businesses that share our values and mission in delivering the best stone products and the relevant hardware.

While planning is a crucial part of making sure that all contingencies are in place for any unforeseen event, you can rest assured that from our end everything will be alright, provided on time and our prices will be market competitive. As a family-run business, we understand and value the importance a kitchen has in the working of a domestic home.

So whether you’re looking to rebuild your home, or need to invest in a big residential project, Royal Stone has been supplying, installing, and maintaining stone benchtops, bathroom ensuites and more for clients for more than 14 years. Our experience is a testament to our expertise in the industry and we’ve been leading it thus far.
So place your trust and dream in our hands, and watch as Royal stone and our incredible team turns it into reality. Nothing is impossible with the right stone and we’ve got one waiting for you, so drop us a message to begin.

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