We won’t be beaten on price alone


We won’t be beaten on price alone

Are you planning to begin a remodelling project for your commercial kitchen? Or are you in the midst of working on a layout for a new one? Whatever your situation or plan maybe, getting a sturdy, reliable, beautiful and practical bench top for the office kitchen is extremely important. You don’t have to go scratching your head, looking at various options when Royal Stone has got you covered with the best engineered and natural stones bench tops in Sydney with the price not being the only advantage we have on others.

Choosing the right stone bench top isn’t an easy task, even though it may seem so. If you’re looking to recreate your commercial kitchen either in a restaurant or corporate office there are many things you will have to take into consideration before you end up choosing a stone bench top.

Things you may have to consider before choosing a engineered or natural stone

  • Durability: certain marbles or soap-stones can get nicked or cracked easily with constant use. You want to make sure that the stone you choose lasts you a long time without major breakage.
  • Maintenance: some stone bench tops can be so fragile or porous in nature that any spill over can soak in the fissures if it isn’t of good quality.
  • Cost: another important factor of choosing a good bench top has to be the cost. Especially renovating a commercial kitchen or to be used in professional capacity, the wrong stone bench top can cost you more in the long run.
  • Installation: even if you select the right bench top of a material that is either engineered or a natural stone, installing the stone top with the wrong sealants can mess up not only the material but the outer exterior as well.

Now that we’ve got those factors out of the way, it may seem like a lot of information to handle that can be stressful when finalising your commercial renovation or installation. You don’t want to go to multiple vendors to make sure there aren’t any loose ends, that is where Royal Stones steps in to literally save the day and your renovation.

Happy clients are our top priority. Making sure you don’t just get the best price isn’t our endgame. With over 14 years of providing stone products and installation services we’ve lead the industry when it comes to delivering high quality stone bench tops with over 150 stones to choose from.

We understand how important the choice of an engineered or natural stone bench top can be for not only the health and well being of the people that’ll use the stone bench top but also of the investment you as a company or a business owner will be making. That is why helping you find the perfect stone bench top at a good price is our forte.

List of stone bench top options that we at Royal Stone Provide

Before you go diving deep into the world of engineered and natural stones, and lose your way, we’re here to help you figure out the perfect stone that’ll last you a long time and go with the overall aesthetic of your place. Every stone fulfils a certain requirement and what may work for one place may not necessarily yield the same benefits for you.

  • Engineered Stone:
    Engineered stone is a mixture of quartz and resin, and it’s an excellent alternative to natural stone, as it’s cost-effective and easier to maintain. Engineered Stone is composed of approximately 94% natural quartz, is available in more than 250 colours, and has unique features including a high resistance to stains, scratches, heat and liquid.
  • Granite:
    Granite is a natural stone which is often very expensive, however the colour doesn’t fade. It is both: heat and scratch resistant. It does need to be sealed every year as it is a porous material and even though it isn’t a guarantee that any spilled liquid will seep into the bench top, cleaning and proper maintenance will make sure there aren’t any permanent marks left.
  • Marble:
    Marble is another natural stone that brings out the beauty in any commercial kitchen it is installed in. As it is a beautiful stone that’ll bring a sophisticate look however, it a porous stone and stains easily. It is heat resistant and naturally cool which is perfect for bakeries or pastry chefs. If you don’t mind the upkeep then it is a great option.
  • Porcelain:
    Porcelain is virtually impervious to water. Besides being easy to keep clean, porcelain is also non-porous and stain resistant. Depending on the manufacturer, you may have numerous colour choices of natural pigments. As porcelain is an engineered stone, patterns and colours can be added during the fabrication process. You can get a porcelain countertop with a solid colour or, if you want, one whose surface mimics marble. That way you get the look of marble at many times its durability

Other natural or engineered stones that we provide include Limestone, Onyx, Sandstone, Laminam and more. You can check out more options from our website where all the various stones are listed out.

At Royal Stone we make sure you get the best quality natural or engineered stone that will fit well for your project. Selecting the right stone and finding what fits your requirements is our top priority as we place our customers and their needs first.

As an award winning stone products provider we deliver some of the best design expertise and best value options regarding installation, man power, materials, environmental impact and more, so that your investment gives you a lifelong return.

If you’re interested to get started, reach out today to get a customisable plan and quote for any commercial project and see how we not only provide the best price but the best quality and installation for stone bench tops in Sydney.

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