Why Natural Stone (Marble/Granite) is a Favourite Benchtop Material Among Homeowners?


Why Natural Stone (Marble/Granite) is a Favourite Benchtop Material Among Homeowners?

Since marble/granite has gained popularity for crafting benchtops, homeowners have moved other stones aside!

If you are keen on reading home and kitchen-related magazines and blogs, you probably saw those beautiful granite benchtops redefining the kitchen’s beauty. 

There’s no denying that granite is an excellent example of “Earth’s Work of Art”.

And when it gets Fabricated by experienced stone fabricators, there’s nothing that can match its sheen and appeal. More and more homeowners are now considering marble/granite benchtops for their kitchens for a plethora of reasons. 

Here are a few solid reasons why you should also consider such benchtops to make your kitchen stand out.

Beautiful yet Consistent Look 

Unlike natural granite, marble slabs are free from any irregularities. There are no flaws at all, and you will surely adore that consistent look throughout the benchtop. Since the slabs are marble/granite, they are available in a range of patterns, colours, and designs. 

You get marble/granite slabs as you want, and there can’t be anything better than that. Several reputed marble dealers in Sydney offer a wide variety of such marble slabs for the kitchen and granite slab for outdoor range.

Exceptionally Durable 

One undeniable reason why homeowners consider granite is its durability. The natural stone is highly durable and can easily withstand high heat, blows of a sharp knife and even more.

However, natural stone (marble, granite) doesn’t hinder its durability, so you can expect the kitchen benchtop to last longer. The molecular structure of granite protects it from chipping and cracking. Moreover, it makes the marble resistant to high temperatures, which make it suitable for all types of kitchens, including residential and commercial.

Stain-proof Surface 

The surface of the marble/granite slab is less porous, and that means it won’t absorb the thick liquids spilled over it. Just a stroke with a soft cloth is enough to make the benchtop look new again. 

No matter if you have spilled a hot or cold liquid, the benchtop will ask for minimum cleaning. If you work with raw fish, chicken, and vegetables, then marble or granite will be an asset for your kitchen.

Low on Maintenance 

Marble/granite are low on maintenance, and that can save you a lot of time and money. There’s no need to worry about anything if the benchtop is properly sealed, and you can keep it in good shape just with the help of basic cleaning. 

Ensure buying and installing the marble slab by a trusted dealer in Sydney to get a perfect piece that gets sealed evenly and requires less maintenance. 

The Benchtops Can Last a Lifetime 

The best thing about marble/granite is that it ages beautifully. The slab is resistant to high temperatures and doesn’t catch stains easily. Moreover, the surface won’t scorch even if you place a hot pan over it.  

You can be assured that a good quality benchtop can last around ten years or even more if you use it properly and take good care of it. 

You Are Spoilt for Choices 

As we mentioned above, marble/granite are available in a range of colours, patterns and thicknesses, so you get plenty of options to choose from. There is a wide variety of colours to complement the décor of any kitchen.

You can see your design ideas turning into reality by opting for marble/granite benchtops for your kitchen.

Perfect for a Plethora of Applications 

Not just the benchtops, but you can use these slabs for a wide range of applications. From making bathroom vanity tops to making the stairs look beautiful, marble/granite are perfect for making your house look aesthetically good.

You can use it for:

  • Backsplashes 
  • Flooring 
  • Walls
  • Fireplaces 

Wrapping It Up: Turn to Royal Stone for Beautifully Natural Stone (Marble/Granite) Benchtops in NSW 

When looking for the best marble/granite benchtops and slabs, Sydney residents prefer Royal Stone. This is because we are the expert marble dealers in the area that have a huge selection of beautiful granite slabs. 

We supply and install the best marble material to our residential and commercial clients, from homes to hotels, restaurants, gyms, and more. 

Check out our slab selection, and get in touch with us for more information and detailed price quotes. 

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